Director of Art and Animation

Nick Siegel

Artist, illustrator, and director Nick Siegel, aka Lofitelevision, is the master behind the cinematic drops that define the FrightClub aesthetic. Inspired by the concept of Liminal Space, he brings his precision and inimitable lens to every frame of each collectible.. Vivid hues and innovative storytelling makes each piece unforgettable. He is also an accomplished music video director and worked with artists such as Styles P (The Lox), Juice Wrld, Seezyn among others.
Digital Illustration and Graphics Artist


A seasoned digital artist, music producer and blockchain creative. Brent has been an early adopter and developer of web3 applications across entertainment and digital utility spaces. With a keen sense of innovation, design and utility he creates collectibles that honor the legacy of our icons. You can find his artwork and various projects on



FrightCLub is a part of the Beam family. Beam is a tight knit group of artists, writers, directors and producers that came together to bring a new perspective to the blockchain. Fright Club was born out of the desire to give Horror fans their own space in this realm, and to work directly with horror film icons in directing the future of their legacy, through the ecosystem of blockchain. 

OUR current ROSTER...
more to come

Tony Moran

Tony Moran graced movie screens as the face of Michael Myers unmasked, in the original Halloween (1978) directed by John Carpenter. Spawning numerous sequels and remakes, the Halloween film franchise went on to amass over $700M worldwide centered around the character originated in Carpenter’s original film. A seminal work that epitomizes the horror film genre, Moran’s performance was cemented in cinematic history in 2006, when the film was selected to be included in the United States Library of Congress’ National Film Registry. A fan favorite at Horrorcons worldwide, he continues to delight audiences and fans while keeping the legacy of the film alive.

Felissa Rose

At a mere 13-years old, Felissa Rose starred as Angela Baker in the horror film Sleepaway Camp, a cult favorite now regarded as far ahead of its time. Sleepaway Camp birthed 11 sequels over x years, several of which Felissa reprised her role. A formally trained actress with over 150 credits to her name---she is also a producer, director, industry executive and avid supporter of independent films. One of the most beloved and highly sought after celebrities in the horror community, she is a main player in the future of horror in the entertainment industry.